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Core Values


  1. We value salvation as a gift from God.

    • It is a personal relationship with God, our Heavenly Father, obtained only through belief in the atoning death on the cross, burial in the tomb and resurrection in power of Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

    • In salvation is the promise of eternal life.

  2. We value worship as the celebration of God through the Holy Spirit.

    • We encourage anointed prayer, praise, preaching, singing and giving. 

    • We believe that we worship God only as we participate in these celebration acts.

  3. We value the anointing or filling of the Holy Spirit.

    • We believe that this anointing makes the difference in leading, teaching, singing, praising, preaching and living the victorious Christian life.

    • We believe in spiritual gifts and that each of us will do our best when we have identified our spiritual gift(s) and work in that area.


  1. We value the Bible as the Infallible, inspired, inerrant Word of God and our authority.

    • We bring our Bible to church and encourage scripture memorization.

    • We encourage every Christian to be in regular participation in Christian Education.

    • We believe education as a key that helps to transform our lives and unlock our potential.

    • We understand that part of our Christian witness is doing our best in school or whatever learning environment we find ourselves.

  2. We value the sharing of the message of Jesus with others.

    • This is a urgent concern because the Bible says that without Jesus we are condemned, but with Jesus we have salvation.

    • We believe that we are all responsible the sharing our verbal testimony with others.

  3. We value Holy Spirit anointed leadership that models that which is expected in all our church family.

    • All church leaders should strive to maintain a good testimony, give the tithe or more to the Lord, and be regular in worship and Bible study.

    • We strongly support the anointed leadership of the Pastor.

  4. We value stewardship as a tangible expression of our love for God.

    • This powerful Christian witness includes signing an annual commitment card and being faithful in our gifts, time, talents and treasures.


  1. We value family life.

    • We believe that healthy families are important and that our church family should support healthy family living.

  2. We value our youth as a vital part of the church of today.

    • We believe that it is our responsibility to give special attention to their spiritual development during their formative years.

    • We believe our spiritual journey begins when we are saved and continues as we grow in Christ likeness.

  3. We value service to God and others both in our community and around the world.

    • We believe in Christian living and that the supreme attributes of Christ- love, grace, holiness, morality,  righteousness, compassion, peace and joy- should be manifest in our lives.

    • We value excellence and harmony. We believe they honor God and inspire people. Excellence and harmony   should guide our planning, organization, execution, evaluation and environment.

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